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February 2016

Maybe you do remember, in summer 2007 the opening of the new Lötschberg railway tunnel was a big event in Switzerland and nobody was yet aware of the approaching financial crisis. At the same time, my business partner and I got the chance to acquire the Ingenieurbüro Schönenberger AG. Since then, we re‐designed our product line, sharpened the performance of our services and moved to premises that are more convenient.
After 9 years, the time to pass the management of the company and my stock of shares on to my successor has now come for me. For the time being, I shall continue to work on engineering projects and support.
Already two years ago, Mr Ivo Müller, Engineer TS, joined us to start a thorough training for his new mission. Many of our customers and suppliers already know him well. I therefore expect a smooth transition.
Thank you for your confidence; it was a pleasure to work with you. I shall be pleased if Ivo Müller and the Ingenieurbüro Schönenberger AG may carry on in a similar way.

Urs Remund


When I applied for the job at Schönenberger AG, I knew almost nothing about the construction industry. My previous experiences are in jet engine maintenance, design engineering and special purpose machinery.
In order to learn my new profession profoundly, I worked with our technicians in field maintenance and repairs for about one year. This was a valuable experience and it is essential for quick error diagnostics on the phone and in the field.
It is the base for my highest objective: customer satisfaction. Also in my new function, I shall therefore not hesitate to help hands‐on, if necessary.

I am ready for this challenging management position and looking forward to continue the successful cooperation and the interesting projects of the past two years.

Ivo Müller

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